We are very interested in patients’ sleep at The Healing Space. Many individuals present for evaluation of a complaint at our facility and sleep is not a part of their complaint. We have seen the positive benefits for patients with addressing their sleep especially as it pertains to their primary complaints.

We can all understand the importance of good sleep on our overall health but many people have come to “accept” their poor sleep. This occurs for several reasons such as failure of previous medication treatments and the concept that sleep has always been this way and must be normal.

Poor sleep is most commonly described by patients as not waking feeling rested in the morning. There are countless issues that can impact our quality of sleep. The most common issues are insomnia, stress/anxiety, excessive stimulant use (caffeine/nicotine), limited exercise, and dietary. Other issues are more associated with formal diagnosis such as tooth grinding, restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, or low oxygen levels.

Here at The Healing Space we are dedicated to investigating the causes for poor sleep and finding treatment options. We utilize medication and non-medication treatment options. These include Mindfulness/Psychology, Movement programs with Yoga and/or PT, dietary evaluations, and formal sleep tests. Please contact us for consultation regarding your own sleep complaints.

Scott Wilson, PA-C