At The Healing Space and Frontier NeuroHealth, we are proud to partner with other practices in our community as well as around the country to provide the best resources and care for our patients!

Firefly Yoga and Wellness


Meghan Gaspers is a Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker, Registered Yoga Teacher, and Certified Holistic Health and Life Coach. She currently practices massage and teaches yoga at The Healing Space.

Meghan has dedicated her  life to learning, traveling, and living a healthy lifestyle leaving behind a minimal carbon foot print.  She has mastered the art of massage, specializing in therapeutic work for all needs.  She loves working with those who appreciate the fragile balance between wellness and illness, taking responsibility for their own health.  She believes that a client must show up prepared to do the work, be it for a massage, yoga class, or a coaching session.  Therapies are not done to us, rather facilitated for us.  Change manifests when we show up ready and present.  As a new mother, Meghan especially loves working with moms to be.

Professional Background
Meghan Gaspers studied at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy and graduated with honors in 2009.  Her love for the art of Thai Yoga Massage took her to Thailand in 2011 in order to better understand that specific modality.  Most recently, she became a registered yoga teacher with a focus in a breath based power flow, and received certification as a Life and Wellness Coach through Dr. LJ’s Natural Wellness Academy.

April Jones with Helsa Vita

April moved to Cody, Wyoming in October 2015 and is thrilled to continue her massage practice at The Healing Space. For the past 5 years, April has been working in San Francisco, California as part of a team of health practitioners. Her clients have included those looking for a relaxing spa-style massage, athletes preparing for competition, construction workers healing an injury, and even some with delicate medical conditions including pre-natal, cystic fibrosis, and a variety of post-surgery needs.

April holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Communication and has more than 1000 hours of massage specific and health related training in order to maintain her Certified Massage Therapist qualifications in the state of California. For the first 15 years of her working life, April was in public relations and marketing for the high-tech world of Silicon Valley. Having lived and worked under those pressures, her career change to massage therapy came with a passion for understanding stress management. She now enjoys talking with her clients about their stresses and its effects including anxiety, insomnia, digestion problems, irritability and more. April can provide guidance and education about the latest science behind the effects of stress and how you can better manage your day-to-day pressures.



We are pleased to collaborate with the Meno Clinic out of Wilson, Wyoming. Dr. Mark Menolascino is the Medical Director of the Clinic located just outside Jackson, Wyoming. He is one of very few physicians that is Board Certified as an Internal Medicine Specialist, Board Certified in Holistic Medicine as well as Board Certificated in Advanced Hormone Management and Anti-Aging Medicine.

The Meno Clinic provides a high quality line of supplements that we are pleased to carry here at The Healing Space. You can purchase them by clicking on this link:

Meno Clinic Supplements


Journeys Center of Wellbeing


Journeys Center of Wellbeing in Sheridan, Wyoming is a destination for those seeking to create true health and contentment.  They embrace a holistic approach to helping individuals on their journey through life’s many transitions and challenges, and strive to offer meaningful self-care strategies that may be put to use in everyday life.  With a focus on providing sustainable goods and services in a supportive and caring environment, they offer one-on-one health coaching, nutrition services, massage and body treatments, daily yoga and pilates classes, and eco-friendly goods and gear.





athenahealthAthenaHealth provides the information technology infrastructure for Frontier NeuroHealth at The Healing Space. With platforms for telemedicine, electronic health records, communication between patients and doctors as well as between providers in different parts of the state or country, AthenaHealth is the engine that drives our communication and information.