Virginia Gee, MPT, SEP, CST


Virginia Gee, Med, MPT, SEP, CST

Virginia received her Master of Physical Therapy in 1997 from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Specializing in chronic pain, she worked 2 years at the University of Utah Pain Clinic. A family move resulted in working with Wyoming Rehab in Sheridan, and then working with her husband at Big Horn Neurology.

Virginia says she became frustrated with traditional medicine treatments that couldn’t help patients who were unable to find relief from chronic pain. As a result, she sought education and training in the use of CranioSacral Therapy at Upledger Institute. She says she was drawn to this type of therapy because it works to re-set the nervous system in order to facilitate true healing.

“Physical therapy focuses on muscle, tissue, bones… but if the nervous system isn’t working properly, those aren’t going to heal effectively,” says Virginia.

Virginia is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, which is a well developed technique that helps to resolve past traumas which become encapsulated in the body over time.

Integrating body, mind, and spirit is integral to being a healthy individual. Virginia says that CranioSacral Therapy helps the body handle the stresses of life, as well as releasing the angst and tension that build up, particularly after the body has experienced trauma.  Chronic pain, migraines, TMJ, the inability to cope effectively – all these are signs that your body could be in a traumatic state, and CranioSacral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing help relieve the pain that many times doctors can’t cure.

“For people who have exhausted all options in the medical community, we can help you here,” she says. “There is hope.”

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