Melissa Mills, INHC


Melissa Mills is a Certified Health Coach, receiving her certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in October, 2015. She began here at The Healing Space in February of 2016.

Melissa assists patients with following the doctor’s orders, guiding them towards better nutrition, helping them to reduce stress and increase mindfulness.

Melissa’s philosophy focuses on a whole-body approach to health, in which nutrition really is a “secondary” food.

“Your primary food, what you need, is your relationships, your spirituality, your career, and your physical activity,” Melissa says.

“If any of those are out of balance, then your nutrition will be out of balance.”

Melissa reviews a patient’s health history, then works with the patient to create recommendations for changes to their nutrition and health habits. She helps them to sort through available information about good nutrition and create a plan designed specifically for that patient, as well as create accountability with follow up visits.

“Patients need to start by making gradual changes, which are easy to implement. Then, when they get more knowledge and feel more comfortable, they can move forward.”

Melissa hopes that people will begin to see the Healing Space as more than just a doctor’s office, in which you visit only when you’re sick or in need of medical attention.

“I want people to see this as a preventative space – to come here for wellness, to eliminate their risk factors for chronic illness.

Melissa lives in Cody with her husband and three young children.