Dr. Glenna Hedrick, Psy.D


Dr. Glenna Hedrick, Psy. D.


When she was in her mid-twenties, Glenna Hedrick had an epiphany. While working in Hawaii at a desk job with which she was not satisfied, Glenna took a self-inventory. She briefly entertained the idea of becoming an air traffic controller, but realized her strengths were not in the analytical skills that being an air traffic controller would require. She started examining herself – what was she good at? What did she enjoy? Was there a career out there that would utilize her strengths – problem solving, a desire to help others, and the ability to be a good listener and someone who is easy to talk to?

“As soon as I started exploring those,” says Glenna, “everything fell into place.”

Glenna was born and raised in California, but moved to Hawaii when she was 21 to attend college, eventually receiving her undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology. She and her husband moved to Wyoming in 2004, primarily to fulfill requirements for a program that would help her pay off her student loans, but fell in love with the people and the region.

Dr. Hedrick worked in Lovell as a psychologist for eleven years, but was made aware of the opportunity to work at The Healing Space by her then-supervisor, who recognized the similarities between Dr. Allen Gee’s vision and philosophies and Dr. Hedrick’s. For years, Dr. Hedrick had approached her clients from a holistic standpoint.

“I loved my job, but I noticed there was a piece missing in my client base,” she recalls. “Each of my clients were seeing other professionals, but there wasn’t any good communication between their providers – there wasn’t a team approach.” When she transferred her practice to The Healing Space in 2015, Dr. Hedrick says she was able to experience that with Dr. Gee and PA-C Scott Wilson.

“You hear the term ‘integrative medicine,’ but it’s rare to actually come across it,” Dr. Hedrick says. “You can find it in hospitals, yes, but in a private outpatient setting it’s very rare. The fact that we’re starting this in Cody, Wyoming is amazing to me.”

Dr. Hedrick says that she does her best to work with clients from where they are at that moment.

“I’ve had clients who say they’ve been to other therapists and it’s not a good fit,” she says. “But my approach enables clients to develop their own steps and plan and feel as if they have more of a stake in their own treatment. I don’t approach them with my own agenda – that allows them to feel more empowered to make the changes they may want to see.”