Integrative Health Care

by Dr. Allen Gee Integrative health care isn’t an alternative to allopathic or western medicine – medicines and surgeries have their place. In fact, they are very relevant most of the time. But historically, just treating the disease doesn’t impact the disease nor the overall health of the patient to the degree that it should. … More Integrative Health Care

Athena Insights

AthenaHealth provides the information technology infrastructure for Frontier NeuroHealth at The Healing Space. With platforms for telemedicine, electronic health records, communication between patients and doctors as well as between providers in different parts of the state or country, AthenaHealth is the engine that drives our communication and information here – and Allen Gee has been … More Athena Insights

A Holistic Approach

As part of an integrative approach to healthcare we are interested not only in managing chronic or acute issues, but in whole-body health. In this aspect, we will evaluate your sleep, nutrition, movement, and mindfulness. We believe there is a natural healing force within each one of us and this is the greatest force in … More A Holistic Approach

What is NeuroHealth?

NeuroHealth is holistic and neurological well-being.  It is general health, happiness, relations and performance.  Its absence is mental and physical dysregulation and disease. The body is wise.  The bodies internal environment is created to support the workings of DNA, cells and systems to support life.  This internal balance is aggressively monitored and maintained by the … More What is NeuroHealth?