Why “The Healing Space”?

The Vision

The Healing Space was designed and built to create a safe, comfortable location and environment for patients to work on their neuro dysregulation and their health care, with or without seeing a physician.

  • We created a place for movement, where one can do yoga or stretch or move gently in other ways.
  • We promote mindfulness, and we have a space that was created for massage and other body work to help patients relax.
  • We have a sleep lab, which will help patients improve the quality of their sleep if necessary – sleep is a cornerstone for good health.
  • And finally, we have an instructional kitchen where health coaches can teach patients about healthy diets and how to prepare healthy foods.

I would like to see The Healing Space as a place where people can come and work on their wellness, their fitness, their physical health and their mental health, and never see a doctor – although we have doctors available to address disease issues. My experience is that when we take care of the whole person, the diseases are much easier to treat, and we are frequently successful in decreasing the number and amount of medications people take for their disease care.

– Dr. Allen Geehealing-space

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